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The Problem with Training

Some time ago we noticed a dramatic change in the way people were using their IT tools, they were more educated and less likely to need to know everything about everything. We came to understand that people had restricted time to devote to training and when they did attend training events, they often learnt a lot, but were unable to apply that learning to what they do during the course of their working day. So we decided to make a difference.

Solving it Once and For All

We started to get to the source of the problem and found that people didn't link what they learnt to what they did! We also found that attendance on training was dropping because of work pressure, plain and simple, people didn't have time to learn what wasn't relevant to their job!

So we had to address this to continue to give our clients the level of service they had expected and to ensure training was having an impact.

So what did we do? First we put the effort into understanding what people actually did during their working day. We knew we were not going to find that answer running a standard Training Needs Analysis. We had to really step into their shoes and come up with a set of workshops that actually helped them to learn features and functions that would really help them to get their job done more efficiently and more effectively. Second, we cut these workshops into short sessions so that attending a training event was much like showing up at a meeting.

Real Results

And the result of this was a training programme that was relevant, didn't take up too much time and was directly linked to what people actually did during in their job.

We authored an article in People Management magazine were we challenged the training industry to do the same, you can read it here, we came to believe that delivering training that was not relevant was simply not good enough anymore.

So it's hard to describe to you what we actually do, as what we have done previously may not be relevant to you, we will make sure your training program is designed by you and is linked to your specific needs and how your staff work.

Many of our clients are enjoying the benefit of this approach, one of our clients describes it as "big impact, little time". We constantly adjust the program to move with the needs of our clients, we pay attention to the big issues our clients face, we make sure that our clients are getting value for money while not losing staff hours on training that will make no difference and it works, it really does.

If your staff are spending too much time away from their desk on training that has only a small impact, or if your staff are simply too busy to attend training, get in touch, for once and for all let's solve this problem and do something different!

The Senan Method - A Pioneering New Approach to Training that Delivers Real Results.

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